Terms & Condition – Khansey.pk

Dear Customer, here you will find important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that may be useful to you.
Please read all information carefully.

1) Order

Purchase orders will only be accepted through the official website https://khansey.pk , upon issuance of an Order Confirmation, sent through the registration email mentioned by the customer.

The customer must verify the Order Confirmation and inform Khansey.Pk any error inquiries.

2) Offer, price and payment terms

The offers will only be valid when made available in writing on the Khansey.Pk website! during the indicated period or, if the deadline is not mentioned, as long as we keep the merchandise available in stock.

The price of the product, terms and conditions of payment are established at the time of hiring.

When payment is made by credit card, the customer is responsible to use only credit card of his / her own. If you use a credit card owned by a third party, the customer is responsible for obtaining express authorization from the respective cardholder to make the purchase on the Khansey.Pk Website, always informing the data on the said credit card, according to the requests contained in the site of Khansey.Pk, and will respond for any and all damage caused to Khansey.Pk and / or third parties due to the use of the credit card.

The release of the request for posting is subject to confirmation of payment by the financial institution.

The Khansey.Pk reserves the right to request the prior authorization of the credit card companies or to compensate bank tickets, and is not responsible for possible fraud.

Khansey.Pk, in order to avoid damages to its customers and / or the financial system, reserves the right to cancel the purchase transaction, as well as the respective delivery of the product, object of the purchase, when communicated, by the respective operator. credit card that has misused the credit card or other legal means that testifies to the suspected fraud or misuse. In this case, the Khansey.Pk shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer as a result of such cancellation.

In the hypothesis of Khansey.Pk be informed about the misuse of the credit card after the conclusion of the purchase and delivery of the product to the customer, Khansey.Pk may take all measures to discover the actual purchaser of the product, as well as take all appropriate judicial and administrative measures intended to receive the credit due to him for the purchase of the products and reimbursement of the damages suffered.

3) Delivery

The Khansey.Pk does not guarantee delivery in case of failures caused by: missing customer, incorrect registration data, refusal by the customer or employees of residential and commercial addresses, change of address, closed commercial addresses, area of risk and natural disasters (force majeure). Delivery will be made on time and in the place indicated in the Order Confirmation.

The customer shall be liable for any loss or damage caused by the unjustified refusal of delivery, thus taking into account that which is not provided for in the applicable legislation.

The customer may request, at the time of order formalization, the shipment of the goods through the Post Office or Carrier, reminding that each locality has a specific deadline for delivery.

Some goods, by reason of size and weight, are subject to change of postage (eg TVs, Speakers, Appliances, etc.).

In case of major promotional events like Bless Friday and Flash Sale, delivery times may change due to high demand for posts.

4) Exchanges and Returns

Any request for exchange or return must be communicated to the Khansey.Pk Customer Service Center! detailed instructions on the return process. Customer Service (Online), by phone UAN: +923 130 002 565 or E-mail: admin@khansey.pk

5) Failures

The Customer must be aware, at the time of delivery, immediately refusing the order whose packaging is violated or damaged during transportation.

In the event of refusal, contact must be made within 48 (forty-eight) hours. Failure requests are not accepted after the deadline.

The exchange for another product equal to the one described in the invoice, will be effective only after the receipt and analysis of the conditions of the returned product. If there is any disagreement, such as absence of malfunction, signs of misuse or absence of manual / accessories, Khansey.Pk reserves the right not to make the exchange and resend the product to the customer without prior authorization.

6) Product in disagreement with the request

If you detect at the time of delivery that the product ordered and the product purchased are different, you must refuse delivery immediately. When accepting the order without observing the description of the Invoice, the deadline to contact our Support will be 48 hours. Requests outside this deadline will not be accepted as it will be considered accepted by the client.

There is no divergence between the product purchased and the product delivered, indications of misuse or absence of manual / accessories, Khansey.Pk reserves the right not to make the exchange and resend the product to the customer without prior authorization.

7) Warranty

The guarantee against manufacturing defect of all products purchased in the company during the period of coverage is reserved, unless the products have technical assistance from the manufacturer. However, the defect must be informed within the deadline established in the invoice of purchase.

8) Loss of guarantee

Withdrawal or breach of warranty stamps or identification of Khansey.Pk and / or manufacturer.

Violation, modification, exchange of components, adjustments made by unauthorized personnel.

Services requested and / or executed directly by the client without prior consent of Khansey.Pk and / or Manufacturer.

Incorrect handling, in disagreement with the manual or an indication of carelessness.

Use of non-original or non-approved accessories, components or systems not approved by the manufacturer;

Inadequate transport adopted by the customer that exposes the product to trepidation, humidity, falls, heat or excess weight on the part or packaging;

Physical damage (dents, scratches, manuscripts, mischaracterization, components burned by electric discharge or excess voltage, damages due to excessive exposure to heat, fire, humidity, burned, cracked, chipped, processors and motherboards with pins and sockets crooked, etc.);

9) Manufacturer’s service

In cases where Khansey.Pk indicate the authorized service for repair / repair, the customer must trigger the manufacturer itself, thus ensuring a fast and efficient service, since this company does not have a repair authorization for certain products.

The goods should be sent to the technical service with the invoice of purchase, in the original packaging, as all the accessories (cables, manuals, cds and etc.) that accompany the product.

10) Post Authorization

The authorization of postage is sent to the e-mail register and is valid for 07 (seven) days, non-renewable term. If the product is not shipped within this period, please contact Khansey.Pk again! to re-evaluate the issue of a new authorization.

11) Return of values

All cancellation and refund of amount paid will be previously analyzed by Khansey.Pk in accordance with the aforementioned topics, in which the reimbursement of amounts can be carried out in the following ways:

In purchases paid by credit card, the respective reversal will be requested immediately to the administrator of your card, but being a procedure of the cardholder’s entire responsibility, the chargeback may occur in up to two (2) subsequent invoices.

In purchases paid through a bank slip, the refund will always be credited to the current account held by the customer who paid the ticket, to be informed by the Customer to Khansey.Pk.

If Khansey.Pk ‘S Return and Return Policy is not respected, and applicable law, the cost of returning the product will be borne by the customer.

Posting Costs: All transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer, except:

Khansey.Pk Post Authorization;

Product with defect informed within 07 (seven) days.

Found defective, exchange or return of product in operation or with loss of warranty, Khansey.Pk will send the order through delivery – normal order, whose delivery time will depend on the locality of the delivery address. If the client has urgency in the resend, he can request another mode of posting in advance, paying the additional postage costs.

IMPORTANT: The Khansey.Pk does not reimburse postage and travel expenses of the customer.